The Deloitte Platform Engineering (DPE) team has leveraged the out of the box capabilities of 3scale with standard industry tools and best practices to help customers maintain and create their 3scale tenants and APIs. The 3scale on OpenShift Accelerator allows for repeatable and maintainable 3scale tenant creation and API importation.

Asset Details

This asset works off an existing 3scale deployment on OpenShift, either through a template or the 3scale Operator. It leverages well-known open-source software provisioning and configuration management tool Ansible to orchestrate the creation of 3scale tenants and APIs. Under the hood, the familiar 3scale toolbox does the majority of the heavy lifting, ensuring the maintainability, familiarity and the robustness of the solution with the 3scale Admin REST API rounding out the rest of the capability where needed. At Deloitte Platform Engineering, creating reliable and repeatable solutions with well-known industry standard tools is what we do. The 3scale on OpenShift asset demonstrates our experience in bringing the best practices of modern software deployment to customers.

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