Community and Culture are at the core of Platform Engineering and our people, being the glue that binds teams and interest groups alike. We consider culture the Central Nervous system of the Practice. Joining the Platform Engineering Slack community and Getting Involved is a great way to reach out to our Teams and Centre of Excellence Leaders, engaging with our Engineers and Analysts that are on the ground, solving wicked problems.

Building a thriving Community and enabling large, dynamic teams is a challenge in itself, from a cultural and a technology perspective. Having the right tools and technology are the means to enable the collaboration, but also requires a dedication from Leadership to enable the teams and individuals to get involved and find the value in commitment to the Culture and wider Practice and Community. Find out how we achieve this, by Joining our Centre of Excellence Channel.

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Jump into one of our Centre of Excellence Channels and embrace the power of Community and Culture, driving true collaboration and empowering individuals and teams alike to innovate and excel in the Industry.

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