The Platform Engineering Reference Implementation of Red Hat Fuse APIs and Integrations, running on the latest OpenShift 4.x enables Integration and Enterprise Capability by leveraging Platform Engineering's Expertise in the Systems Integration space, along with Red Hat's Enterprise-grade Integration Platform, based on Apache Camel foundations and resilient Messaging services.

The Fuse Integration Asset captures best-of-breed Reusable Components that enable Platform Engineering's large-scale Projects, curating these for consumption, and defining the Technical and Delivery Capability in a Large Systems Integration project. Ensuring the Opinion and battle-tested Approach is repeatable, maintainable and leverages leading vendors and Open Source components for a modern approach to Software Engineering and Exposing APIs.

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Being highly-versatile at Implementation time, the Platform Engineering Fuse Capability is a solid definition of how modern Software is Built and Delivered, at a cadence that maps directly to the Market Trends and Needs of large and complex Organisations.

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