As a global manufacturer of consumer goods as well as commercial products such as air conditioners to building materials, cheaper alternatives have made it a difficult market for this client. Previously they were able to compete on quality, but with a shift in consumer value chain they no longer have been able to use that as a differentiator. As part of the headquarter function, Deloitte were engaged to help establish a digital innovation platform to build modern applications based on Deloitte's proven architecture.


Deloitte was engaged to Build and deliver a digital innovation platform using Red Hat OpenShift on Azure, which was eventually migrated on to AWS.

Some of the major initiatives which Deloitte worked on are:

  • An API portal based on Atlassian confluence
  • A number of APIs to their existing data lake, providing historical data as an API
  • APIs against personal appliances, with some providing actuation such as turning the lights on and off
  • Single Page Application prototype to provide a dashboard for the end user
  • Establishment of a SDK for the client developers to build android applications against their APIs
  • Real time event notification platform, managing subscriptions and entitlements of IoT events

Impact we made

As a trusted advisor, Deloitte was able to work closely with the client to balance the needs of demonstrating the capabilities of the platform against the needs for them to upskill and learn the modern ways of working. The purpose of this digital innovation platform was to enable the different business verticals to focus on their differentiators rather than spending time making decisions such as coding standards which were standardised as part of our involvement. In December 2019, the client released their first product that leveraged this product into the market which involved multiple business verticals which was a first for the client. The client continues to find re-use of the components that have been built and their time to delivery has decreased significantly due to the numerous automation that has gone into the delivery lifecycle.