The Deloitte Platform Engineering (DPE) expertise and adopting industry best practises helped customers to migrate from Openshift 3 to 4. We have leveraged out of box capabilities of Openshift 4 immutable infrastructure, DPE and Redhat built migration tools, and container architecture patterns to migrate the workloads to Openshift 4.

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The migration takes a step to engage with customers in developing a workflow that involves a Discovery, Planning, Build and Migration phases. The Discovery phase involves evaluation of architecture and workloads, infrastructure and application dependencies, and security patterns. The effective collaboration and contingency planning, phased migration and ensuring well defined quality gates in planning process is key for seamless transition. The Build and Migration phase leverages container orchestration patterns, controllers and operator model baked in Openshift 4.X architecture to provide simplicity for upgrades, react to failures and resiliency. The key success with strategic approach of platform engineering was around managing complexities in migration with effective evaluation and planning, building compelling automation and toolkits, and without compromising on quality with minimal or no interruption to business.

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