The Red Hat integrated approach to native OpenShift Storage solutions leverages Production-grade distributed storage systems and hybrid, multi-cloud portability and data management capabilities, enabling developer velocity, application portability and simplifying data governance among hybrid environments, across public and private clouds.

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With native integrations into the Kubernetes Operator framework, Container Storage Interface APIs and Migration Support (OCP 3.x + GlusterFS), Organisations are able to focus on delivering business-value, innovation and differentiation, while distributed storage system provisioning, availability and reliability of data and performance of data read/ write to underlying storage are core considerations for the RHOCS offering.

Accelerating Platform Engineering's systems engineering value proposition, Red Hat's OpenShift Container Storage drives value from the enterprise-enabled foundations of Red Hat Ceph Storage - built on core Linux technologies, Ceph Rook provisioning, and NooBa data management and multi-cloud capabilities.

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