Kubernetes has become integral to the creation and operation of modern software solutions. Its rapid growth and adoption has resulted in a need for a mechanism to package, run and maintain kubernetes native applications seamlessly and effectively. The Red Hat Operator Catalog provides numerous Operators which fulfil these requirements and are the gold standard for running foundational application services on Kubernetes based clusters.

By leveraging the Red Hat Operator Catalog, Platform Engineering is able to ensure consistency in distributing software on Kubernetes based clusters, reduce operational overhead and support burdens, and ensure an easier development experience for client developers. Additionally operators available in the Red Hat Operator Catalog, are certified to run on Openshift and guarantee production readiness. Our expertise and experience in using Operators and the Operator Catalog also accelerates our go to market, guaranteeing a reliability and repeatability in modern software delivery.

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The level of sophistication and logic encapsulated within the operator framework such as event listeners, custom resource definitions and controller components provide the capabilities of automated provisioning and configuration management, seamless upgrades, application lifecycle management and workload analysis thus enabling software consistency, maturity and reusability with reduced operational overhead. Rely on Platform Engineering's delivery expertise and experience, and RedHat’s reputation for delivering scalable, reliable and production ready software - Access the Operator Catalog.

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