We believe adopting a strategic solution to Secrets Management and avoiding bespoke, organic approaches to be a critical investment. Thoughtful Secrets Management enhances developer productivity whilst aligning with a solid baseline enterprise security posture. Enablement with the Platform Engineering vetted approach to Secrets Management is achieved with a highly-automated Hashicorp Vault Deployment on top of our OpenShift 4.x Accelerators or existing OpenShift Cluster. This asset has been aligned with our thinking on base cluster state definition and leverages proven methodologies for Continuous Deployment.

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Getting the Secrets Management solution that harmonises an enterprise can be expensive if done without due care. Thoughtless implementations quickly erode security baselines with no single point of policy enforcement. Treating Hashicorp Vault as the trusted identity and secrets store is a leap in the right direction, enabling operations, administration, autonomous systems and production workloads to securely access and store Deploy / Run-time credentials and sensitive data in an flexible yet controlled environment.

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