Driven by culture and capability, the Platform Engineering team has been collating and contributing to the Platform community across Australia and the globe with our strive for continuous learning and sharing of real-world challenges and solutions we have faced in the depths of the Platform ecosystem through our Articles and Experience Catalogue.

Relevance is crucial to survival in the Industry and as part of striving for our growth and expertise, our team of Specialist Engineers, Analysts and Leaders contribute to our growing catalogue of knowledge, with the aim of sharing and giving back to the wider Technology and Delivery community, with a real passion for Open Source, Open Standards and reliable, battle-tested solutions, with insights into real world enterprise and Market-based applications of Technology and Systems.

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Along with an in-depth insight into our thinking and ways of working, the Platform Engineering Articles is intended to help guide some of the more complex and wicked applications of Technology by providing expert knowledge and foundational concepts and insights that enable Enterprise and Complex Systems to thrive. Consider it a Practical Reference, inline with Modern Architecture and Market Trends.

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