Quite often these journeys end with our customers realising they want the value offered by platforms, but without the imposition of running it. If managing a platform isn't core to your organisation's value proposition then you probably shouldn't be doing it. There are clever platform engineers who have solved these problems already and can offer you the result of years of investment, learnings and scars.

Platform foundations let you focus on the outcomes platforms support

We've found our Platform Engineers and established assets significantly amplify and accelerate time to value when:

  • Cloud is key to the customer IT strategy
  • There is recognition of the huge gap between public cloud offerings (out of the box) and what you need to run secure, resilient, scalable workloads on Day 1
  • There is further recognition this gap typically grows when maintaining a platform on Day 2
  • Customers have a business-aligned mindset focused on an outcome and value proposition
  • Speed and agility are defined and measurable goals which justify investment