There has been strong motivation within government to further enable the sharing of data between departments and agencies. Efficient and accurate exchange of information is crucial to ensure services provided to citizens is timely and reliable with their privacy respected. It is even more critical that decisions being made on a citizen’s behalf are well-informed, data-driven and precise.

Deloitte worked with the this client to produce an API and interoperability strategy which highlighted the value of enabling data sharing through a shared, multi-tenant API platform.

Deloitte won a competitive tender process to design, build and manage the client's whole API Platform. This platform accelerates the secure sharing of data between government agencies and departments. Whilst these departments have the freedom to expose their own integration endpoints for consumption and mediation, the multi-tenant API Platform can accelerate the generation of APIs by providing shared tools and runtimes to establish RESTful API facades across existing applications and data stores.


The customer decided to base this new platform off an existing Axway API Gateway previously established within a large department. Deloitte was engaged to uplift and modernise this platform to align with the growing ambitions of the this government client. The Axway gateway was re-architected to run as a distributed, multi-tenant platform with runtimes deployed in containers (Docker) running on Kubernetes (Red Hat Openshift) on public cloud (MS Azure). The gateway was also extended to include integration capability based upon the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, which also ran in containers on the same Openshift platform.

Impact we made

Our team architected, implemented, tested and deployed the modernised, multi-tenant API Gateway and integration components on schedule and on-budget. It has since been leveraged by numerous government departments for the secure sharing of sensitive and at times critical citizen information. Public government APIs have been exposed through a customised developer portal.

The Deloitte team continue to engage to introduce new APIs and integrations to the ecosystem. We also continue to provide 24x7 support across the full breadth of platform capability.

This API initiative has now been endorsed by the state government as their strategic interoperability platform, with all strategic data sharing to be facilitated by this capability.